Get to Know Garrett

Garrett Baldwin for Ohio’s 85th House District

I am looking for change. Not just any change, but the kind of change that includes everyone – cross-cultural, bi-partisan, non-discriminatory, pure, unadulterated CHANGE.

It is time to elect, once and for all, young, fearless, passionate individuals who will carry the torch for those who feel the political system no longer caters to the needs of the people.

I believe there are credible solutions that we must not only examine, but actively and vehemently push forward. I feel passionately that there is a wide array of proposals and actions that we can take to truly change the overall trajectory of our state.

Everyone, of every age, nationality, gender, background and story, needs to have their voice heard. I’m merely serving as a vehicle for those voices. I’m not here to win for me. I’m here to win for us.